We have involved ourselves in many online forums and discussed indoor air quality with our customers and peers. We’ve found that most people are not yet educated about the importance of indoor air quality. We’ve also found that people aren’t aware of the health benefits that having a range hood can provide or the safety concerns that it can address.

Many people think a range hood is just an unnecessary and expensive hood fan that doesn’t do much. We think this statement could not be any more inaccurate or incorrect. Having a range hood is more than adding appeal to a kitchen.

A range hood eliminates harsh odors, steam, and grease. Most importantly, a range hood also does the most accurate job eliminating toxic chemicals in the air. These chemicals are released into your own homes while cooking.

If you are reading this post, it’s because you have probably asked yourself how necessary it is to get a range hood. We think a range hood is just as important as a diaper is to a baby, a sewage system is to a city, or gravity is to the atmosphere. Let’s look at the facts.

What do your current indoor air conditions look like?

According to the American Lung Association, 85 percent of Americans didn’t realize that the air in their homes was considered to be a legitimate health hazard.

Can you imagine air quality so poor that it exceeds even legal federal outdoor levels? Studies and tests have shown that the air quality in ones home can cause abnormal breathing and even be fatal.

This is an even greater concern for those who already suffer from asthma or have poor breathing conditions. And a legitimate health concern for those living in an older single-family home constructed before the 1970s. Older homes are usually extremely airtight, and thoroughly insulated. This increases indoor air quality concerns as toxic chemicals will become more compacted into a smaller living space.

Building codes are still changing

Yes, many states throughout the U.S. have even put building codes in place requiring the installation of a range hood. Why? Because range hoods protect you and your family. However, please do not let this scare you.  This may sound extreme because research on indoor air quality is still rather new. However, people are starting to become more aware of such health concerns and they are starting to make changes.

How important is it to invest in a more powerful range hood with a higher CFM rating?

With the new information and research we have access to, there is greater importance on indoor air quality. How can we minimize these health concerns? A simple way to do this is to purchase a powerful range hood with a higher CFM.

In regards to air cleanliness, the higher the CFM, the more efficient your hood fan will be in removing toxic chemicals in the air, ensuring your safety.  Yes, that also means that any range hood that comes equipped with more blower power will usually come with a greater purchase price. However, it is important to keep in mind that when it comes to health and safety, there is peace in knowing that after purchasing a more powerful quality range hood, you will be breathing clean air every day.

How many CFM do I need?

See the real value you are getting in your range hood appliance.

This new knowledge will easily change anyone’s perspective about the real value they are actually getting when purchasing a range hood. What was once thought to be just another expensive appliance, is now thought to be a great investment that will remove toxic chemicals from the air. In turn, this creates a healthier living environment for you.

If you are searching for a range hood and want to make sure you are purchasing a quality hood that does the job, make sure you check out our powerful selection of 1000+ CFM range hoods in our Proline Professional Range Hood Series where you will surely find a hood that will sweep your air clean.

If you do not have a range hood, or use your range hood often,  we  recommend making the switch. Because who would ever want these harsh chemicals to be flying through their home?

However, not to worry because a range hood will be your best bet in removing these volatile air toxins. Keep in mind, that harsh chemicals are released from both electric and gas stoves due to non-stick coatings, cleaners, and other items used for cooking and cleaning and other factors. This is important to note, as both of these burners have their own associated health risks to take into account depending on how they are used.

What are the harmful health effects caused by air contaminants?

According to the School of Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices Manual by participants in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, the most commonly attributed health effects due to indoor air quality include: headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, coughing, and sneezing.

Some other common health effects include eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation, as well as dizziness and nausea. Cardiovascular disease,  chest pain, heart damage and even cancer have also been associated with exposure to indoor air contaminants.

Infectious diseases such as the flu, or other viral infections can be much more easily spread through indoor air through personal contact. We find these health effects concerning, and that is why we choose to educate our customers about these health and safety benefits of having a range hood.

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