Kitchen and Dinner room DIY’s

IKEA revolutionized the household goods industry with simple, stylish and easy-to-transport appliances. It was easy for them to become a worldwide distributor of cheap furniture. The biggest disruption was to expect people to actually build their own equipment.

Giving customers parts and instructions seemed counter-intuitive, but it worked very well. The one thing that they did not expect was that people started to create their own instructions and share them on the internet. Using different parts of IKEA products in ways that were unexpected to create awesome projects!

There are many websites and communities you can visit to learn more of these peculiar projects that we will link at the end of this article. We have gone through several web-pages and picked the best projects for you to start.

For each, you will find the materials, how much you would spend, a picture of the project and a link to the instructions.


Small Kitchen Island 

Always thinking about functionality, if you feel your kitchen is too small for a permanent island, then this is the perfect project for you! 


Kitchen Table

An incredible mix of a kitchen table and cabinets that will develop many spaces and will look amazing. Although the project is kind of expansive, you can always customize it the way you want to cut or increase prices.

There are no instructions on this project. Here is the link.

Cabinet DIY

This cabinet can add more functionality to your kitchen, and it is reasonably inexpensive. This project is essentially the same as the first but bolted to the ceiling.



Dining Bench

This incredibly functional table looks amazing in any kitchen.


Wine Rack

This table is incredibly functional and looks amazing in any kitchen.


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