Many people consider themselves a master in the art of barbecue, and I am one of them!

In this post, I am going to share three lessons that I have learned about grilling appliances while I lived in Brazil, a country that has their whole culinary cultures around this activity.

1. Smoke makes a difference!

A lot of people that are starting right now don’t understand that. The material that you use to barbecue makes a huge difference in the taste of the meat! A lot of restaurants rely solely on the type of material they are burning to improve the taste of the meat. It makes an enormous difference.

I prefer natural coal that does not contain any chemicals added. Yes, it makes me take 30 minutes more on preparation to burn the coal to the perfect point. But it is worth the sacrifice and the wait. Gas is a close second. Because of its odorless burn, it does not change the taste of the meat too much. But you need to rely completely on the seasoning and the quality of the piece you will be grilling.

Another very important point is that you want to leave as little as possible smoke in the area. Too much smoke and the result is a burnt aftertaste that lingers and can ruin the experience. One of the conveniences of modern cooking is the presence of range hoods that can pull as much smoke as possible from the grill. They are made with a potent motor that sucks the right amount of smoke and debris to help your food maintain its flavor. If you are going to be using your grill often (which we hope you do this summer! It’s a very fun and healthy practice), then we strongly suggest you do get one.

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2. The simpler, the better!

Barbecue is about having fun and creating an environment with good food with your friends and family. To do that you don’t need to add stress into it. Honestly you will have one of the best times if you just fire up the grill, put some ice cream salt on the meat and start grilling it. You don’t need a lot of preparation for it, there is not a lot of cleaning afterwards, and the meat will taste great!
Of course, if the barbecue has more people or you want to try to cook something more fancy, it will take more preparation. But the simpler you decide to make it, more fun you will have.

3. Don’t focus the whole experience in the food

Lastly, make sure you create an environment in which the food is an extra, and not the focus, of your guests’ experience. Ensure that have the entertainment set for everyone, know your audience, and get extra things to do like a Sunday NFL game maybe, or some games for starting the conversation. Then, food will be a nice add-on that will be talked about. It won’t take the center stage of having fun, and people will want to come back for more later.

All of them allow you to destress and help you have fun this summer!