chimney extensions for range hoods

How do you know if you need an extra chimney extension for your range hood?

Many range hoods come with chimneys, which are the flues that funnel the fumes and smoke caught by your range hood to your ceiling into a vent. Chimney hoods are either range hoods mounted against a wall or hoods that are freestanding above an island. Depending on what height your ceiling is, you may require an additional chimney extension to ensure that the fumes are vented all the way to your ceiling. For many standard ceiling heights you won’t require an additional extension for your chimney range hood, but for those with high ceilings an extension may be necessary.

This article will provide a guide to let you know which size extensions you will need to buy or what additional work may be necessary depending on your ceiling height. No matter how high or low your ceilings we’ve got you covered!

Three types of chimney needs for range hoods:

To understand it better, we can separate all of our models in three separated groups.

  1. Range hoods that come with chimneys and might need an extension
  2. Range hoods that do not come with chimneys and might need an extension
  3. Range hoods that do not need chimney extensions

1. Range Hoods with chimneys that might need an extension

These range hoods are usually island hoods, and range hoods that taper (have an angle below their sleeve). There are exceptions though.

Depending on what type of range hood you buy there are different sizes for the standard chimney that the range hood comes with. For island range hoods, chimneys have 19″ height, while for all the other range hoods in this group, their height is 15″ . Independently of which range hood you get, this covers anyone with a 9 and 10′ ceiling (as long as you have standard counter-top and mounting gap, or the gap between your cooking top and the base of your range hood, in the 36-inch range).

For 7′ ceilings and lower, you will need a custom cut chimney.

For 10-11′ ceilings, you will need an extra 36″ extension, from 11-12″ you will need two of them (they do fit very well together). For any ceiling bigger than that you will need to find a local business that would build a custom chimney extension for you (we will provide with the drawings of the chimney so they can make sure it will fit).

PLFI520, PLFW 750, PLFI 755, PLFI 544, PLJI 101, PLJI 102, PLJI 103, PLJI 109, ProSI, ProVI
, PLFW 520, ProVWC, ProSW, PLFW 755, PLJW 129, PLFW 129E, PLFW 129J, PLJW 130, PLFW 544, PLJW 109WC, PLJW 104, PLFW750.

2. Range hoods without chimneys that might need an extension

These range hoods don’t come with a chimney, so they have more options for extensions that need to be purchased.

  • 6′ Ceilings or less – Custom Cut Chimney
  • 7′ Ceilings – We have a brand new selection of 6″ extensions.
  • 8′ Ceilings – 12″ extension.
  • 9′ Ceilings – 24″ extension.
  • 10′ Ceilings – 36″ extension
  • 11′ Ceilings or more – You will need to find a local HVAC company or builder that can custom build an extension for you.

PLFW 832, PLJW 101, PLJW 109, PLJW 120, PLJW 102, PLJW 108, PLJW 121

3. Range hood with no chimney or extensions needed

These are usually under cabinet range hoods. Since the vent hoods should be enclosed in the cabinet, they don’t come with chimneys to enclose them. With these types of range hoods, chimney extensions will not be necessary.

PLFW 582, PLJW 125, PLFW 581, PLJW 185, PLJW 180, PLFW UC200, PLJW 113, PLJW 117, PLJW 133, PLFW 115, PLFW 116

The vector range hood and all the Z range hoods don’t come with any chimney or extensions to it if you need a change on those you will need to find a local business that will build that adaptation for you.

To learn more, visit our buyer’s guide.