Many kitchens have an extremely unique design, while in the past decades making custom features for your kitchen was very hard and expansive, the internet and technology advancement made possible to create incredible designs for cheaper and faster. Because of that, many kitchens come with a case ready to add a range hood that conceals it, and make it more inline with the design, after all it’s not every design of range hood that will fit every kitchen.

That is why the range hoods insert (also known as range hood liner) was invented.

There are many types and sizes of range hood inserts in the market, as customizable as you need for your kitchen! Many people are confused on how to find one for them, for this reason we put a list of inserts that we sell and their features so you can make the best choice!

1. All the Proline Inserts.

HurricanePLZWProV LPLFL 832

– Option for single and Dual blowers.
– 4-6 Dimmable LED lights
– 430 Stainless Steel
– 1200 CFM on Dual Blowers
– 4 Speed Motor
– Slightly inclined filters for increased smoke capture
– Touch Buttons
– 15″,18″,21″ options for depth

– 1200 CFM Dual Blower
– 3-6 Dimmable Halogen Lights
– LED display with touch buttons
– Inclined Blowers Design

– Blowers options (Local 900-1700 CFM or inline 1300 CFM)
– 2-4 LED lights
– 1-2 Heat lamps
– Sloped design
– 2-4 Stainless Steel Baffle filter
– 21.75″ Depth

– Single Speed 6 blower 1000 CFM
– Touch Buttons w/ LED Display
– 2-6 Stainless Steel Baffles
– 2-4 LED Lights
-19.5″ Depth
Price: $1,430.00 – $1,600.00Price: $639.95 – $749.95 Price: $630 – $1,099Price: $699 – $1,200

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